Reebok Classic

Some Rbk tings …

This Allen Iverson design was super fun to draw and reminds me of why I used to love Rbk back in my high school days !

I drew it in Photoshop on a Cintiq tablet, but I’ve also airbrushed some fun AI shirts that I’m including here for extra flavor.

These next couple are from the Tape Pack.  I laid it out super last-minute as a late-add project right when I started in spring 2020.

These next photos show our FW22 ASOS-exclusive Vintage Pack.  Can’t miss with varsity type!


This was one of the very first projects I worked on @ Rbk.  A fun new flip on 80s layouts using the Vintage Vector, which we’re no longer allowed to use on product :(

 These next few are from the SS22 Souvenir Pack.  I drew these sketchy postcard designs on a Cintiq tablet.


The rest of these are FW22 Classics Tees.

This is one of my fave designs @ Rbk so far!  A collab project with my buddy Danny, who did the ‘Reebok Racing’ type treatment.

Rbk really sponsored a Nissan Skyline stock car back in the day.

On these tees, we experimented with print techniques, mixing water-based and rubber-based inks to give a washed vintage look with way less handfeel.  We tried a bunch of different formulas, and now that we have a good one we run it quite a bit.