RAW DUKW series

If you’ve ever been to Boston, you’ve probably seen the Duck Tour boats cruising around the city, causing a ruckus with their quacking & spouting diesel fumes into the air.  The real story behind the duck boats is actually pretty cool — in WWII, the U.S. Military used the vehicles for amphibious transportation & attack missions, including the D-Day invasion at Normandy Beach.  Ill.

From Wikipedia:  The designation of DUKW is not a military acronym; rather, the name comes from the model naming terminology used by GMC:

  • “D” indicated a vehicle designed in 1942,
  • “U” meant “utility”,
  • “K” indicated driven front wheels,
  • “W” indicated two powered rear axles.
This series for RAW uses illustrations I did of the DUKWs based on photos I took in Boston of the craft on land and in the water.  Check out the photos from RAW’s site:


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